10 ways to hide you are a trader.

One of the best part of trading is the lifestyle. Like all of trading there is risk on the other side of reward.  To mitigate some of these risk you have hide your “job” as a trader. Here is how to do it:

(the idea for this post was started from a conversation with @lefthash and the first ones are his.)

  1. When on the L wear a man bag so people think you have a real job.
  2. When on a plane, ask them first what they do, then create a new job for yourself to sound important.  Like exotic snake vet.  (The key is to ask them first and have a completely different field.)
  3. When confronted with, “how are you a 4 handicap?” respond that your Mom was almost in the LPGA.
  4. When having a drink at an early lunch, fake a foreign accent or pretend to be a tourist to ease the judgement.
  5. When at the beach during the middle of day and midweek borrow some dogs and pretend you are a dog walker.
  6. When leaving work at 10 am, splash water on your face so it looks like you are going home sick.  This also prevents people from sitting next to you when there are 10 open seats.
  7. When going to see a movie at 1 accidently drop your  fake business card saying you are a movie critic.
  8. When at the gym mid day wear a local college shirt and hat so people think you are a student.
  9. When mid day shopping at hardware store bring along a tape measure so people think you are contractor.
  10. When at mid day yoga, wear a t-shirt from a recently public Web 2.0 company and tell people you were one of the first 10 employees and are now you are on sabbatical.

If you want to slow peoples judgement or not have long drawn out conversations and hear other peoples less than informed opinions than it is sometimes best to make them think you do something else.  How do you pretend you aren’t a trader?  Leave them in the comments.

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  • I am a goat breeder!

    • It is suppose to be a lie.

  • Michael Estabrooks

    I am a life-time college student who changes my major every semester before graduation.

    • not a bad move either.

4 Responses to 10 ways to hide you are a trader.

  1. Gtotoy says:

    I am a goat breeder!

  2. Michael Estabrooks says:

    I am a life-time college student who changes my major every semester before graduation.

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