2012 #Stocktoberfest in pictures. Part 1

The theme for 2012 Stocktwits Stocktoberfest was Investing for Profit and Joy.  There was an interesting mix of people and presenters.  Below are some pictures from the event.

Justin Paterno of Stocktwits launching the new StockTwits API.  I know they worked hard and will be interesting to see how it works.  I found it interesting that they decided to start closed and move more to open unlike having people build on it and then shutting them off. Smart move by the Stocktwits team.

Howard Lindzon and Ivaylo Ivanhoff of StockTwits.  A comprehensive look at the Stocktwits 50. Nice to meet you Ivan.  You can find more information http://stocktwits50.com/

Howard Lindzon and Bill Gurtin, Founder of the Gurtin Fixed Income Fund.  Mr. Gurtin talked about how his fund is moving things around in the ZIRP world.  Even if you don’t own or trade bonds he talked about two important things.  Doing your research, he was able to find top quality bonds and great yields because of the poor job of the ratings agencies.  Secondly his ability to understand the potential changes and have  a plan.  In short, finding free money and being prepared to execute.

Howard Lindzone and Scott Ingraham, Investor.  Mr. Ingraham founded and sold three companies, including rent.com.  Most inspiring was the way he navigated his real estate companies through inflation, dot com bust, and banking crisis. As entrepreneurs we are all forced to make the hard decisions and he had to make many.  But like most things it is how you react to it.  He never lost focus on his vision.

Howard Lindzon and  Michael Parekh, former head of Internet Research at Goldman Sachs.  Mr. Parekh has had an interesting career.  He was in charge of being an advocate for internet companies. It seems pretty easy but not in the late 80’s and early 90’s and again in the early 2000’s.  Those lessons made him hungry and although many of the other speakers stuck around he was active in asking questions.

Howard Lindzon and Mike Hodges, COO of the San Diego Union Tribune, Chris Peacock, Executive Editor and Vice President of CNNMoney.com and Robertson Barrett, VP, Yahoo! News and Finance, Yahoo! .  Interesting talk about the future of media and media consumption.  Mr. Hodges company is in acquisition mode and branching into tv and web. I was surprised to learn that they have 800 employees.  Mr. Peacock and Mr. Barrett talked about the things that many of us in the finance information world are thinking, how do we play nice and how do we continue building the brand.  In the end I think quality will trump and promoting the talents in the community will go a long way.

Howard Lindzone and Gregory Garrabant, President and CEO, BofI Federal Bank and Paul Grinberg, EVP, CFO and treasurer of Encore Capital Group.  I do not envy either of these guys because of all of the regulatory friction in their markets.  Mr. Garrabant talked about getting people to buy and being able to sell people whom you have never met, loans and banking.  Most interesting was seeing how they do not rely at all or very little on credit scores.  Traditional banks will be heading in that direction too.  Mr. Grinberg is in the business of buying charge offs.  His company uses technology to improve repayment and analyze risks of the portfolio.

Howard Lindzone and Paul Berry, Former CTO of HuffPost and Founder of RebelMouse.  Mr. Berry talked about how much testing they did getting HuffPost optimized.  He also talked about the move to AOL, I will only say that he probably does not have an AOL email address.  His new company RebelMouse, aggregates social feeds.  Almost like a flipboard for social media.

Howard Lindzon and Joshua Brown.  Mr. Brown, aka Josh “The ReformedHair” Brown, talked about blogging and how to be yourself.  One of the concerns that every person who writes is how their clients and perspective clients will perceive it.  He talked about how being open attracts the type of people he wants as clients and it is better to eliminate bad fits.  He also talked about how communicating about important topics made his clients aware that he was not sleeping at the wheel and how it eliminated some of the phone calls asking about his opinion on the market.

Howard Lindzon’s socks.  Growing up in Canada, they only had white socks.  He is righting the years of wrongs.  You can find his lastest VC investment at www.BANwhitesocks.com

In the next couple days I will go over the other speakers including , JC Parent, Brian Shannon, Joe Fahmy, Blayze, Skysrpr, Lucky Sort, Videolicious, Chart IQ, Estimize, The New Hive, Ycharts, eTorro, and Benzinga.

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10 Responses to 2012 #Stocktoberfest in pictures. Part 1

  1. You are the man.  Thanks for paying 🙂

  2. […] of Stocktoberfest…it was awesome on so many levels, wonderfully described by Brian Lund and Eli Radke already. What draws me to such an event is the opportunity to be surrounded by freaks like me who […]

  3. Great pics and recap… So envious of a Stocktwits party (as I write from the middle of a hurricane :).

  4. […] are many great wrap-up posts of Stocktoberfest. Here is one from Eli Radke , another from Brian Lund – ‘Check your ego at the Door’ , notes from Gordon […]

  5. Rosswhiting says:

    I am with you Jonathan.  

  6. DonRyan says:

    Looks like a good time. On my calendar for next year. 

  7. […] 2012 #Stocktoberfest in pictures. Part 1 (Trader Habits) […]

  8. Great photos Eli. Look forward to your other posts. 
    I posted my notes from Stocktoberfest here if you’re curious: http://gordonbowman.com/post/34436301975/notes-from-stocktoberfest 

    Sorry we didn’t get the chance to meet. But I have a close friend in Chicago that I visit often so maybe we can make it happen there sometime. Likewise let me know if you’re ever in SF and we can grab a beer. 

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