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Updated:  Has not raised about $120k in 13 hours.

I have taken some time away from the blog, if you even noticed.  But the blog father has summoned me.  Seth Godin  launched a kickstarter at 5:07 AM ET today and as of 11:30 AM ET he has raised $97,000, $57,000 more than the goal.

I have always respected him and I have adopted his writing style.  Short, to the point, each person who reads it will take something different, and if you read it again it may be different too.  It is the only way to make this worth both mine and your time is to write in that way.

But back to what Seth just did.


This is awesome. Building the trust of a community is important.  I have never met him but he has certainly earned it.  Please never disappoint us Seth.  “The problem with the internet is you could be talking to a cat.”  That phrase almost always crosses my mind when I am talking with someone on the internet. He crossed that threshold. (I am sure he is not hurting for money but this is still a dramatic amount of money in a short period of time.)

The new economy

I am the furthest thing from an economist but when I see that people are still buying things it is because they are making money somewhere.  Entrepreneurship is not something you do, it something you have to do.  Either because you can’t stand working for someone or because you can’t work for someone.  It is hard.  Nothing is easy about doing it alone.  I talk often about when you set out on a path similar to another person you always forget what happens in the middle. When I started trading I saw where I was and where those that were successful were.  I was smarter than them, I worked harder than them, I was just better. None of that means anything in the beginning, none of those are advantages.  Every person has those qualities when you get to a certain level.

The difference between greatness and average is the middle. What and how long it takes to get through the middle is what determines success. The benefit of this recession is that the risk of starting your own business are somewhat minimized or at least forced on some.  People are willing to do the work before they “get paid” because that is the world we live in right now and I am glad for our society that it has shifted.


Seth has not released who the publisher is but I am guessing it is not one of the big houses.  I have never published a book but from what I hear it is annoying.  That the way things are published are stuck in a time capsule and that world is filled with protocols.  It is hard to get publishers to try new things or just use logic.  In big quantities protocols and rigidity is important but some part of the process needs imagination.  We no longer work in a static world.

Transaction vs financing

Kickstarter has been interesting to watch.  It has yet to have some of the fallout that has plagued microlending sites.  There is little chance of fraud (so far) because it is a consumer transaction and not financing. But I am not sure where the money from Dispora, you know the facebook killer, went.  When people talk about the disruption of finance I still think it is sketchy.  Good luck with that but it offers people another option.  This is pre-ordering on steroids not an investment.


I do not think Seth changed the world but provided the world with another blue print.  Reinforcing that anything is possible. That if you build trust in a community they will support you. That entrepreneurship is important to our economy. That hard work pays off. That if you think differently than others, eventually a technology will be created to allow the best to show.

So Seth, good luck and I really liked you in Sexy Beast.

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