Announcement: What I am doing next.

In what may be one of the worst kept secret I am announcing a partnership with Anthony Crudele and E-mini Executors Inc.

The blog will still continue as is.  There may be an ad off to the right but this blog will not be an extended sales pitch.  I am still committed to helping you find your way.  These past few months in Florida have taught me a few things and codified many other thoughts about trading.  I am at a point in my life where I need to build.

Helping to build a business and working with the initial clients has proven a valuable learning experience for everyone.  There is something to be said about self teaching but there can be a huge cost of free.  Anthony and I were fortunate to be around the Chicago Mercantile Exchange when we were learning to trade.  We are thankful for that opportunity and appreciate its significance.   Many do not have the same opportunity as we have had.  We are going to recreate our experience outside the walls of the exchange.

Make no mistake, we are running a business.  Our goal is to make money.  Would you get on a plane that never charged its passengers?  Me either, there are certain expectations that happen with the exchange of money.  Your money represents a level of seriousness and our acceptance of your money ensures we will do our best to help you.

Writing this blog has opened me up to the occasional criticism but I was never subject to finding my name or business in the top Google result in a negative light if I did not write a good post.  I thought very seriously of the risks associated with starting a more publicly facing business and the long term effects of putting out something I did not completely believe in.  After seeing many things that I was missing and how fast our initial clients improved, I am very confident that we will help many people.  At the same time, we can only take them so far.

My initial role in the business is to be behind the scenes and run the day to day operations after my trading day is over.  I am only comfortable in this role because my knowledge, experience, and success is dwarfed by Anthony’s.  Also, a majority of what I know was learned directly from him. He is one of the very first outright e-mini traders.  A 13+ year veteran and a member of the CME Group since 1999.  There are very few people in the World that have more experience than him trading equity index futures. To watch him trade in person is truly amazing.  The control he exhibits as things are moving around is attributed to the process he has developed through many years of struggling and then getting it right.  He has traded 5,000,000+ e-minis over his career and has consistently made 6 and 7 figures a year for the past several years.

Like I said, not much will change on the site.  If anything, I will take greater care in my writing now that I am representing more than myself and have focus.  I trust and expect you to call me out if I am not living up to that promise.  Once again thank you for reading, the comments, and the support.  If you have any questions please feel free to send me an email. or

I am excited about the things to come.  It is not going to be easy but we are off to a good start. You can check out our education and services here.

Also, if you want to sign up for the The Morning Brief for free for the rest of the month click here.

Thanks again.

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