You aren’t missing out.

I went to a small high school in a small town in one of the least populated counties in Indiana. I graduated with 67 people.  One of which was my step brother.  I dated the same girl off and on for 5 years.  I am not certain she wanted to get married but I know that was what was expected of us.  I knew I didn’t.

Opportunity vs good opportunity

As a trader opportunity is everywhere.  That is why we are in this business.  When I first looked at a chart I saw money. When I realized that it wasn’t money, I saw opportunities.  When I realized that opportunity was not enough, I saw good opportunities.

When I think back at how I viewed charts I can see specifically where I made the mistakes.  I viewed it as only money, not understanding what it took to make it.  Then I understood how to make it but not keep it.  Then finally I understood how to keep it.

The side effects.

You never know what opportunities are going to be the best, especially when you do not have experience. Your view of it after the fact will burn a memory that has the potential to cause you much pain. A trader should always know when to be big, when to be small, and when to do nothing. As a new trader, you are always going to be fixated on the ones you did not take.  This is at least in part because you only see money and you are living and dying on every opportunity.  I am not saying that the new trader does not understand risk but that understanding will grow and mature and chances are you won’t recognize it at the end.

When you are new, missing that trade is devastating. If you let it will take over you will eventually lose money and the lessons.

Lessons in love.

When it was finally over for good with my high school girlfriend, it was not easy.  I felt like I had missed something.  But the truth is I was not ready.  It would have never worked out long term.  Although we had been through a lot together we had a lot of room for growth.   We did not know who we were at that point.

Same is true with trading. You aren’t the same person at your first trade as you are at your thousandths. It was an opportunity not a good a opportunity.


In trading there are many opportunities.  Some are good, some are bad, some are scratches. Understanding which ones are better than others takes times.  It takes even longer if you are stuck worrying about the one you did not take.  That is over.  You are going to be a better later than you are now, you will know more about yourself, the market (your girlfriend) and the relationship between the two.  Missing out is never fun but it is part of finding what works out best for you.  Allow it to work.

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