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Getting my first stake.

We all have to start somewhere and our beginnings effect everyone in their own way.  It is not what happens to us, it is what we do with it.  I have talked a few times and if you check the about me page you know I took a bet to get my start with myContinue Reading

State of the website. December 1st.

Thanks again for checking out the website.  I have skipped writing these posts for a few months.  I was over promising and under delivering on some of the things that I wanted to roll out.  The new website is up but I am currently shopping around for other CMS tools. So you should still keepContinue Reading

Stop trading without a plan, you are wasting your money.

When I think about my first week of trading, something I constantly think about.  The first day I made around $680 and the second I lost $620 and did not make a trade for the rest of the week.  I was trading the Russell at the time, too.  I knew it all and refused toContinue Reading

Reflection as I turn 29.

Today I am 29 it is also fitting that this is my 200th post.  This year has been very interesting.  I continue to learn about myself and the people around me. Some things were not pleasant but they all were good.  I was given the gift of perspective, partly out of survival.  I rarely have a badContinue Reading

Football vs Trading.

I get many questions about my football career and how it has helped me in trading.  Let me first say, I was a below average college football player on a below average football team in the best college football conference.  I had a lot of potential but I largely underachieved. Here are some of theContinue Reading

How I use @stocktwits as a futures trader.

I am a big fan of Having a network of people is helpful. Having a specific network is most helpful. Being able to filter a specific network is indispensable. Being able to follow individuals and stocks is similar to being able customize your screen space. Over time you figure out what works for you.Continue Reading

Read, watch, and learn. Best of 11/28/10

One of my favorite series of the year is Chicagoseans thoughts on minimalist trading.  It is a must read.  I know Sean personally and can vouch that he does what he says. David Blair of talks about what he is thankful for.  He is saying what I am thinking about sharing.  I am appreciativeContinue Reading

Many things to be thankful for.

I am a lucky person.  I am lucky to have the family, friends, and readers I do.  I am lucky to be able to do a job that, for the most part, gets me out of bed each day.   I am lucky to live in the time that I am living.  I am lucky to have anContinue Reading

City of Chicago wants to tax traders.

Explaining my importance to society as a liquidity provider often falls on deaf ears.  It is a communication issues and to be honest that is part of the allure for me.  Trading is not easy, there are many sacrifices.  Like anything with a high risk, high reward people tend to attack you.  People attack whatContinue Reading

Bills kill.

Two understandings will speed up your development as a trader.  No, it is not technical or fundamental analysis. It is your complete understanding of your expectations and that trading is a business. I am fortunate to see two of the three types of traders on an almost daily basis.  I see both professional traders andContinue Reading

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