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Chart of the Day: $ES_F

I like to look at long term charts because it gives a big picture view.  The patterns start on a small picture and slowly get larger.  I have a tendency to assume that a chart has happened before.   On a shorter term chart, there are more chances.  On a longer term chart that assumptionContinue Reading

Things I read so you do not have to.

I am constantly seeking a different point of view other than my own. I know there is a thin line between right and wrong because of trade offs. What makes something right for me, you may not be willing to accept those trade offs. It is always about trade offs. The next thing I lookContinue Reading

Free candy and other things you should stay away from.

A trade consists of three things.  Price, time, and exits.  If a commentator leaves out any of those, they might as well be Charlie Brown’s teacher.  Whenever I see this, which is often, I wonder who is further off their rocker. The person who thinks they can get a “quick fix” or the person whoContinue Reading

Clearing the mechanism. Getting back your vision.

I got an email this morning from a client. I am glad I did. I have been having trouble clearing my vision. The best way I can describe it, is when something gets in your eye. To remove this impediment you can blink your eye or wash it out. I was finding myself, unwilling orContinue Reading

Morning Take $ES_F 11/11/10

Just a reminder, bond markets are closed today. NQ_F is looking weak this morning, it is safe to assume that is because of Cisco’s poor earnings.  It could weigh on the market.  Overnight range in ES_F is 1213.75 to 1206.00. We have a gap above at 1214.00 and also double bottomed overnight.  200 period MAContinue Reading

Morning Take $ES_F 11/10/10

We have a tight range overnight.  Range from 1213 to 1208 with a potential gap at 1211.00. Anything below 1199 and above 1231 would be considered a breakout in volatility.   Banks are closed in the US tomorrow which could lead to some things getting done today.  Yesterdays low was 1206.25 and we took outContinue Reading

Afternoon Take $ES_F 11/09/10

The opening range was the high of the day to start. We filled the gap and than rallied to the highs of the year by one tick. We held unchanged for awhile and once we got below it has been an area resistance. It has been a series of support becoming support. Friday’s low wasContinue Reading

Exits should always be taken confidently.

I spent the last week in southern Florida visiting my mentor. We talked about several things but one concept that stuck out was: “Exit your winners and losers the same, with confidence.” I can rationalize a loss because, assuming I have followed my plan and risk parameters, I will have an opportunity to make thatContinue Reading

Morning Take $ES_F 11/09/10

We have a range from 1214.75 to 1224.00. Overnight we also double bottomed from yesterday’s low at 1214.75. Last time we finished with a double bottom on a daily chart was Sept 17 and 20th. The main difference is the double bottom occurred during the day session. Hard to tell if we keep that doubleContinue Reading

Afternoon Take $ES_F 11/08/10

The intra day range is from 1221.25 to 1214.75 and a meager 6.50 point range. Taking out overnight low but not the high of 22.25. Volume has been low after we filled the gap. CORRECTION we have not filled the gap. Opening range has not really held each way, signaling no conviction either way. AsContinue Reading

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