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Morning Take $ES_F 11/08/10

The overnight range is 5.75 points from 1222.25 – 1216.50. The significant technical level is 1216.75 the previous high of the year. When the futures opened overnight we gapped lower and have since filled the gap. We have seen decreasing volume the past few days. My thesis of the market move the past few monthsContinue Reading

A refresher course. Why you should never stop learning.

If you follow my personal twitter feed you know that I was in Florida this past week visiting my mentor. He is an independent, outright trader and makes up between 5%-10% of the daily volume in e-mini S&P. He was one of the first people to trade the emini contract. He is incredibly knowledgeable andContinue Reading

Defeating Stockblockers

Joshua Brown, from, wrote an article about stockblockers. Below he illustrates the dangers of stockblockers: Don’t let the ill-informed, click-obsessed bloggers keep you on the sidelines with their hyperbolic nonsense – YOU ARE READING FOR KNOWLEDGE BUT THEY ARE WRITING FOR CLICKTHROUGHS, PAGE VIEWS, UNIQUES AND OTHER SCOOBY SNACKS I cannot stop laughing, partlyContinue Reading

Managing the war between hedgers and liquidity providers.

I was lucky to have had an opportunity to write a piece for You can check it out here. We would really appreciate your feedback, if you like, hate, or think we are full of crap. Please leave a comment, a voice mail (312) 725-9121, email info @ mytradingnet (dot) com or twitter or personal SubscribeContinue Reading

Journaling, dual purpose, and do women make better traders?

Below is an interview with Heather McRae by Matt Davio of Misstrade.  I know Heather a little bit from twitter and we have met one time briefly.  She is a former LEH salesperson, options trader, rower, and avid water drinker. The beginning of the interview talks about her experiences and options strategy.  If you haveContinue Reading

Afternoon Take $ES_F 10/25/10

This morning the market tried to find sellers, as expected it failed. If you believe in economic releases moving the market, we had some good news and did rally off. We filled the gap at 82.00. The market seems to be holding the 200 MA in the 3 minute which is slightly down at 80.48.Continue Reading

Creating anchor points after breaking rules.

I have talked a few more times with the trader from the weekend email. …it was a mixture of “I know I am right” and “F.. it, I don’t care”… the paradox is that with this second trade I entered an even tighter stop than I would normally, almost as if to protect myself despiteContinue Reading

Morning Take $ES_F 10/25/10

We have a gap above at 1182.00. Overnight range is 1184.25 to 1177.25. Yesterday high was 1193.00 and low 1180.50. There is big talk about the dollar and its correlation to ES, so be aware of that. Yesterdays double top on the highs was a screw job. People trying to buy the break out gotContinue Reading

Read, Learn, Watch. Best of the week ending 10/23/10.

I and everyone else has said it before but it can not be said enough.  Via I wanted to hate this post but I can’t. Correlations do exist but they are hard to profit it from. They are like trends. However, he bookmarks it with something perfect, “innocent till proven guilty”. Via IfContinue Reading

A reader email: Struggling again.

This is an email I got over the weekend; I have interacted with this trader a few times.  He is a newer trader.  I am selfish, I like to interact with new traders.  I can see the impact much more quickly.  There are basic problems that new and struggling traders have.  I think success inContinue Reading

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