The Big Picture list of at least 8 “BUY GOLD” Financial Resources

The Big Picture (TBP) has curated a list by his readers of the top 30 financial resources.  It can be found here. No list is complete without Abnormal Returns who has saved all of us countless hours of our life in search of relevant information.  Thanks again Tadas. You won’t find him on the list but you will find many bearish view points. The internet meme of BUY GOLD is based on inflation fears, yes I understand it is a bad hedge.

Right or wrong here is a list of the “buy gold-ers”:

Zero hedge – forever bearish on everything.  Don’t get me wrong he has been right on many things but remember on a long enough timeline everyone is right.

Nouriel Roubini – he once downgraded puppies and rainbows.

Paul Krugman – reportedly steals candies from babies as their mothers push them around Central Park.

Peter Brandt – Peter’s latest post, if I am reading it right, is looking for lows in 17/18 commodity/interest rate markets.

Mish – “I think fundamentals on China are horrible. I have been bearish on commodities because China is overheating at a time global demand from Europe and the US will (emphasis mine) collapse.”  He has probably forgot more about fundamentals and China than I will ever know but to say will, based only on demand is short sighted.  What about investors?

Naked Capitalism – Has written 359 posts tagged with Doomsday Scenario , 455 tagged with Free markets and their discontent, 70 tagged with ECONNED, etc.

Jim Rogers – Director of Cynicism.

Marc Faber – author of Doom, Bloom, and Gloom. The chart in his logo has a trajectory to lower lows.

This post isn’t about the merits of the resources, they have all earned their position.  It is more about how fear sells. I am never critical about a view because anything can change, but the only thing that matters is the timing.  The market and the blogosphere are great because we can all vote.

Once again, I am not saying you should not trust their opinions as many of them were starting their careers during the great depression and have seen this before.

*Note: No egos were harmed in the making of this post.

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