Brain dump Sunday

Just a few things that are on my mind, most are preliminary.


I assure you it is possible to like something have no opinion or only like slightly less than the opposite side.  Not every opinion is like a sports team, meaning just because I like the Yankees (for example only) it means I have to hate the Red Sox.  This whole chick-fi-la/gay marriage thing was disgusting from both sides.  The problem with opinions is we argue against the opponent using the most extreme view.  That is always a waste of time and shows a lack of tolerance, on both sides, impossible.  There are always going to be hateful people on both sides that do not speak for the majority.


Anyone who argues that taxes do not hurt businesses is being intellectually dishonest.  There are so many holes in a post about what corporations pay that I thought it was a parody.  Instead of taking it down word by word lets agree to terms. Going forward lets agree that taxes are an expense, that taxes have a way of motivating peoples behavior, there are taxes advantages of having a business and taxes need to be paid.  If we start talking about numbers from the beginning it becomes a fight and nothing gets done.

You didn’t build that

I think Obama made a gaffe here, it will be a huge talking point in the upcoming election.  I agree with him on the point that you can’t get anywhere without help.  When I see someone not accepting help I wonder how much time they will waste and if they run out of energy before they get to where they want to go.  I have been helped so much and I have had many breaks.  Was his point that if you take someone with the same conditions they will end up at the same point?  That is not true.  That is like giving all of the credit to the coach, the coach only put the player in that position.  The player (tax payer) gave the coach (the government) the job.  The end result is up the person doing the action. When someone thanks me for helping them, I did not doing anything other than let them help themselves.

I will never understand the argument that is made here. It makes me more sad than mad.  Government was built by the people and paid for by the people.  Did the US people build the road?  Some of them.  Did we pay for it?  Yes. We paid for it with dollars and/or preventing us from allocating resources in the futures.  Are any one of those services free?

Looking at the right issues

In the wake of Aurora, CO tragedy the conversation was directed around gun control. We just wasted another opportunity to talk about mental health issues.  We talk about preventing the means to hurt us not preventing the hurting of us.  I do not want to put words in anyone’s mouth but what the gun control people are saying is that if you are going to be shot it just needs to be a smaller amount of people.  If you think we should ban guns for public safety we need to first ban alcohol, tobacco, and cars.

I do not know how to fix mental health issues, maybe I am naive it can be done.  But if can help with crime, lower suicide rate, homelessness, drug and alcohol use, and make us a more productive society it is worth a try.  The brain can trick us into thinking we are alone in a crowded room, we need to let these people know they are not alone.


Thanks for listening.  If you want to have a debate understand although I have been thinking about these things I wrote them to promote a conversation.  None are quick fixes and minds will not be changed overnight.  I just want to have a conversation.  If you are going to attack me, do not bother,  it is a waste of your time.  The small joy you get from attacking a stranger will disappear as soon as you realize just how small of a fuck I give.

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