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Largest Bankruptcies in History

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10 ways to hide you are a trader.

One of the best part of trading is the lifestyle. Like all of trading there is risk on the other side of reward.  To mitigate some of these risk you have hide your “job” as a trader. Here is how to do it: (the idea for this post was started from a conversation with @lefthashContinue Reading

One of the best pieces of advice for a trader.

As you are learning to trade you get these pieces of wisdom but do not understand how helpful they actually are. After talking to my mentor, Anthony Crudele (DELI), on a particularly bad day, he saw that my confidence was shaken.  He asked what was wrong.  I told him that I didn’t think I couldContinue Reading

4 Things I would do differently if I was a new trader.

Originally appeared in April 2011 I would not change how my trading career has gone but if I had to do it all over again these are the things that I would do differently: Pick an objective sooner. I first was placing trades through my mentor. That meant that I could trade may be 2-3Continue Reading

Rounded Reading

The Society “The burden of citizenship is to share in, and hold people to account for, the injustices experienced by our neighbors. Alice was fucking ripped off to the tune of any semblance of economic and financial security she might ever have had at the very moment that her husband was dying of cancer.” –Shame TheContinue Reading

3 Principles of the diligent contrarians

As we approach new highs in markets and stocks (I started writing this a couple weeks ago) and as people are ever more vocal it is important to talk about contrarianism (that is a real word, Bing it).  Or maybe it is just the season or astrology or whatever.  I wrote the difference between aContinue Reading

100 year bear markets and unicorns.

Some days humanity is awesome other times it is not. This is an abomination: “Yes, Prechter’s a permabear, But his success as a forecaster dates back to 1978 when he predicted a “raging bull market of the 1980s.” Nobody believed him back then either. Later he was called “Guru of the Decade” by the Financial NewsContinue Reading

History of the World in 2 minutes.

Below is a video of history of the world in 2 minutes (sometimes graphic). This is a slightly negative view of the Worlds history.  How did this video make you feel? I am guessing there are two reaction.  This was accurate and all of the awful things that have happened. Or, this was editorialized andContinue Reading


Jeff Miller of Dash of Insight wrote a brilliant post on common research mistakes. It can be found here. He breaks it down into two things:  Selecting the Right Data and Comparison. Selecting the Right Data.  As the saying goes, if you torture the data for long enough it will tell you anything.  There is so muchContinue Reading

Not an accomplishment it is necessary.

It is important to understand the difference between a prerequisite and an accomplishment. Zero is the necessary minimum to achieve a task.  Showing up to work is not an accomplishment it is a prerequisite for keeping the job.  Trading has prerequisites that can be confused for accomplishment.  Here are some: Admitting you are wrong/made a mistake.  Mistakes happen andContinue Reading

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