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RE: The Only True Edge You Have In The Markets

The always entertaining and insightful Brian Lund did again with his post today, The Only True Edge You Have In The Markets. On rules: I don’t agree with his definition of rules at all but I guess him and I will settle that over a beer or arm wrestling match.  If you are having troubleContinue Reading

Probabilities, sports, and emotions.

People get emotional about sports.  If you add to the mix a little bit of knowledge than you are in trouble.  After the Broncos lost an article titled “John Fox belongs in a Fortune 500 Company, Not a Startup“.  I am not sure if that is true or not but the article does not supportContinue Reading

Rules and getting whacked, quick chat with @bamatrader and @sellputs

A chat with @bamatrader and @sellputs [View the story “Rules and Getting whacked” on Storify] Sign up for our FREE Morning Brief, big picture view of markets in critical area and proprietary support and resistance. You can also sign up to see us trade live here. We would really appreciate your feedback, if you like, hate,Continue Reading

E-mail: I am doing everything right and I am still losing.

I got an email yesterday and to sum it up it,it basically said “I am doing everything right and I am still losing”.  The most discouraging part of trading or really anything is learning what you do not know.  It is hard to measure the progress and many do not understand how or why theyContinue Reading

What if love is not enough?

Have you ever loved something so much and it just didn’t work out?  Maybe it is a sports team, an animal, or maybe you developed an allergy to cheese.  Whatever it is, you guys aren’t together anymore. Price action is the same way.  No matter how much you love a market or stock is it does notContinue Reading

Charting 101: Please stop doing this.

With great powers comes great responsibility. We have access to data but our ability to evaluate it is lacking.  Like a 90 year old using photoshop or a 16 year fresh from the DMV driving a Ferrari. It seems like I run across an article, either main stream media or “trader” alike that attempts toContinue Reading

Why I do not want to be on your list.

It is the end of the year and that means that there are lists. Lists comes with an understood rule.  It means that you have to act a certain way.  Now, if your goal is to become famous get on the list.  The reason I write is not for notoriety.  I have done TV in theContinue Reading

How I failed dealing with tragedy and it spilled into trading.

No matter what we accomplish, who we know, how much money or power we have, how great things are right now, we are not immune to tragedy.  It is bitter sweet.  Tragedy has a way of bounding us together, a type of closeness that can’t be achieved in another way.   It is through thisContinue Reading

Revisited: The Trading Curve

Fred Wilson, of, has a good quick post about the start up curve.  Trading is entrepreneurship without customers or employees. I really like this visual because if you turn your head enough it looks like a face hitting the wall. Not sure if that was intentional but that is how I would best describe what trading isContinue Reading

Reflections on turning 31

I didn’t accomplish everything I was capable of this year. I have said this before but I have a fascination with pictures of people when they are young adults and a grandparent.  Thinking about what happened to them in between.  Talking with some I have found that results get closer to your goals or yourContinue Reading

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