Clearing the mechanism. Getting back your vision.

I got an email this morning from a client. I am glad I did. I have been having trouble clearing my vision. The best way I can describe it, is when something gets in your eye. To remove this impediment you can blink your eye or wash it out. I was finding myself, unwilling or unable, to blink or get some water. Until you can clear it out it effects the way you see things. Here is the email:

I have been doing well. Very consistent with a nice bull run in my equity. Three weeks of good growth.

There are only two reasons for the consistency:
1. Follow my plan, perfectly.
2. Patience to wait for trades and to stay in them (which is part of #1).

Yesterday I had a mini crash. I guess it was profit taking (lol). I gave back about three days. I was not mad about the money. I was mad at myself for not clearing the mechanism after two bad trades. At which time I went for a revenge trade for no good reason whatsoever. There was no setup but I went in anyways.

I cleared the mechanism last night. With a little help from Johnnie Walker. I came in fresh this morning and made back 2/3. I am not going for anymore today. I needed to get back on course and I did.

Once again, no matter how long you have traded or how much money you have made, it is always important to get these reminders. I knew why I was trading poorly but the email was another reminder of what I had to do. I traded a little better today, at least in part because of the reminder. Thanks again AL.

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