Diversified reads feat. @rougetraderette @thearmotrader @derekhernquist @chessnwine

In Rogue Traderette’s latest post, Ed Seykota and Onions, she explains Ed Seykota’s quote about how everyone gets what they want from the market.  I love her analogy with an onion.  I find that when it comes to trading advice you have to get through at least three layers of onion (asking why’s) before there is real information.  Making the information your own, is also very important and she does an excellent job at that.

TheArmoTrader gives us his read on the current market. His latest post What the heck is the market doing? tells the story of how the $SPY has been trading of recent.  It is also helpful to consider that although we have had movement in the index we are still within a range.

Derek Hernquist talks about his gut and the stock pickers dilemma in Song Remains the Same.  Although I do not trade stocks I imagine their anxiety is the same around earnings season as futures traders are around expiration.

And bringing up the rear is Chess N Wine with You’ll always have a reason.  He drives home the important point of being true to who you are.  Equally important he talks about the confirmation bias that may be settling in.  I can take any chart and make it say whatever I want. Charts  are a recording mechanism not an an explaining mechanism.

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    thx for the mention, enjoyed them all more than my own!

    • That my friend is a sign of a growing mind.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    thx for the mention, enjoyed them all more than my own!

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