Email: How do I get confidence in my system?

The short answer, you cant. You cannot ever have confidence in a system alone.  A trader makes the system, the system does not make the trader.

A working system/good market makes everyone money, a badly working system/bad market only makes a few traders money. I think it is important to have some diversity in your system.  Most systems or parts of a system work better in different types of markets. If is important to know those strengths and weaknesses.

Real confidence does not come from a system it comes from within.  Be willing to prepare each day, learn each day, and move forward each day, all contribute to my confidence.  It also helps to be around people making money.  Trading is not an easy way to make a living, but it is the best way in my opinion.

Many traders make money because of the market or system, that is why most traders do not make money when things change.  If your system becomes you and not you become your system, the chances of being successful will grow or you have to stay away when it is not working.

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