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If you have never been to you should check it out.  It is a treasure trove of quality information.  The founder, Jason Calacanis, is not without his controversy and detractors.  With that being said, he has the ability to attract interesting, smart, successful people and is great at interviewing.

The This Week In Network is diverse. From startups to VC to Kevin Pollack’s chat show. The production of these shows is great for being internet based.  If I did not have cable I would watch this all day.

The latest interview is from Chris Sacca of Lowercase Capital.  He is a former equities trader, you can watch him talk about it in part 1 here.  He is also a  former Googler, a VC, fund manager, and unfortunately has an opinion on politics (from about minute 48 to 72).

Jason and Chris talks about Google, Yahoo!, Twitter.  For me the most interesting part was how they are using mobile to target ads. Scary but really interesting stuff.

Outline of video via This Week In:

1:17:00 What do you think of Sergey?
1:22:30 Why doesn’t Twitter own Instagram?
1:25:15 Are you investor in Klout?
1:36:00 Do you trust Mark Zuckerberg with your data?
1:39:30 Is Zuckerberg, at his core, a great product guy?
1:42:15 Is CEO of Yahoo the hardest job in Silicon Valley right now?
1:43:45 Chris explains what Facebook did wrong with their IPO.

1:50:15 What do you think about the prospects for American employment?
1:58:45 What’s Obama really like?
2:06:15 Was choosing Sarah Palin the moment when the Republican party jumped the shark?
2:10:30 Chris: There are people who are great at being second fiddle. Companies don’t succeed if there are a lot of chiefs and no indians.
2:12:15 Chris: The number one problem in Silicon Valley right now is people taking credit when they shouldn’t.
2:20:45 What do you think of Angellist?
2:27:15 Question from the viewers: Where does the name Lowercase Capital come from?
2:29:00 I think this is the longest episode ever.
2:30:25 Thank you to Hiscox and to
2:30:45 Thank you so much for joining us, Chris. We’ll see you all next time.


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