Getting your loved ones to help you succeed as a trader.

Received an email that inspired this post.

Every family is different in how they show support.  Some offer money, understanding, someone to talk to, a place for a soft landing or some help by say nothing.  While some only provide distraction and detraction.

There are two things that you can do with distraction.  Eliminate or accept it.  I talked about how my father seemed to call me on the open more times than I wanted.  If you can’t eliminate the distraction by turning off your phone or closing your office door you have to accept it.  Use it as an excuse to succeed and not an reason to fail.

If you are looking for support and understanding, I suggest explaining to them how this is something that you are passionate about and you want to succeed.  Succeeding requires you to sacrifice (fill in the blank).  If that does not sell them, explain to them how it will benefit them.  For example, “Honey, if you give me this block of time, I will be more present during this block of time or financial security.”

With people it is always hard.  Sometimes you have to be selfish to accomplish your goals.  It sucks to have a love one come between you and your goal.  If everyone is reasonable and honest it usually is just a communication problem.

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