I have never taken a bad trade.

Well, it did not seem bad at the time.  In retrospect; it was a poor risk (financial or psychological) or not according to my plan.  Notice that I did not define bad with a dollar amount because that is irrelavent.  Was the risk worth it and did my plan allow it?

Most people do not make a bad decisions, it is just their context if off.   The definition of bad is different when the needs are different.  You feel like you can  or have to overcome the mathematics of risk and/or something is more important than making money. NOTHING IS EVER MORE IMPORTANT THAN MAKING MONEY. But money is never the focus.

I do not blame the person for making a bad decision when put in bad circumstances.  I do blame them for getting themselves in those circumstances.

So yes, I have had bad trades.  They just weren’t bad when I took them, in my mind.

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