I know very little about finance.

It is true, I honestly do not know that much about finance.  I am not trying to be self deprecating this time.  I do not know anything about options and I know very little about stocks.  I know some about physically delivered futures and know a lot about equity index futures.

It is impossible to know everything about finance and still have any time to use that information.  I am a specialist.  If I decided to move across asset classes there would be a learning curve but I would be able to pick it up more quickly.  It is ok to be dumb, I am smart enough to know I dumb.

Social networks are great for finding out what you do not know.


To that I said, the reason products are so complex is because of forced disclosure.  It was just a theory I had.  If I was going to bury treasure I would make as many obstacles as possible.  I would make it complex. If I had to report where I buried it I would make it as hard as possible to find.

Everyone is always wanting to know where the orders are, it is the purpose of algos in the futures market and part of the reason in stocks and is the reason brokerage houses can sell their customers order data.  All of that to find out where the treasure is buried.



I know when to stop an argument on the internet.  Like I said before, it is hard to win a fight on the internet and not look like an idiot.  In the interest of fairness I did not attempt to find out what cate_long meant.  I took cate_long’s comment to mean I did not know what I was talking about.  And she was right about bonds specifically at that moment.

If you do not know the answer, what is the next best thing?  To know where to look for the information. Was my premise false about disclosure in stocks, bonds, and futures?  No.  Was my conclusion correct?  I am not sure but no google search came up with any matches.

Is the answer going to help me make money in the near future?  No, but I did find yet another thing I know very little about.

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    Avid reader/follower, but not a fan of the truncated feeds!

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