In love with the grind.

Trading takes some faith.  When you start you are blinded by the upside.  You hear of or if you are fortunate you actually see people make money. If anyone says they do not get into trading for the easy money they are lying.  If, after a period of time, they say it is easy money they are lying. You see yourself at point A and the successful person at point B.  In reality, you are at point A and they are at point X, Y or Z.

It takes a long time to become an overnight success. So how do you become a success?  The grind. You have to love the grind.  The slow and steady progress.  So slow you might not even notice. Consciously or subconsciously you begin to have breakthroughs. These “ah ha” moments where all of the work before comes together to form a thought that changes everything.  You know when these moments happen because it is a combination of excitement and disappointment.  Excitement because you know you are one step closer to unlocking your potential and disappointment because something simple was holding you back.  You can’t imagine going forward with that old thought.  That is what an “ah ha” moment feels like.

The grind makes everything easier, just not in the beginning.  Expectations often fog progress.


You have to love the grind and if you grind with a purpose it will love you back.

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  4. tariq asadi says:

    slow and steady progress is great however one big loss then you are back to square one, sometimes you need to be aggressive and try that killer move and makd a big chunk so in the long run if you end up with small losses you are still covered. That is how I do it and it serves me right.

    your openion is apprecieated.

    • Always make the big/risky bets with their money. Opportunity loss is a hidden loss and that is why you have to remain discipline. Hope all is well Tariq.

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