Letting the market come to you. Part 2

The email below is from a client who inspire the post about letting the market come to you.  Client in italics.

Follow up to our conversation.  For better or worse I asked myself what else I was doing right during this stretch.

What I did not discuss in the original post is that we spent about 5 minutes on talking about the market coming to him and 5 minutes talking about how to make the most out of the current run and 20 minutes talking about how it is ok to talk about trading well.  His steady climb to success  is for a reason and it is not a fluke.  Pitching a no hitter is luck, being profitable is not.  Although I do not like the “for better or worst” talk, it did not effect him.  I did not make that point when we were talking but I should have.  There is a portion of trading that you can not control but success is in your own hands.

As you know I am a big believer in meditation / visualization.  I visualize all possible scenario’s not just the positive huge runners that come along once every few weeks.  I prepare myself for them but do not expect them.

Routines are very important, it does not matter what it is.  Every person is different but I like visualization as well, it helped me in football and helps me in trading and every day life.  I run through the scenarios and work on keeping a clear mind.  There is another awesome piece of wisdom in there, can you find it?  Short term traders know huge runners are not the normal.  If they happen they happen.

I meditate twice a day.  It does not matter when I do it, but I do it twice a day.  I think this is one reason I am calm and relaxed.

I need to adapt this technique, I only feel calm and relaxed when I am trading. I can’t remember the last time I was thinking about nothing.  This will definitely catch up with me like lack of sleep.  Something I really need to work on.

I came into my office around 6:00 AM, looked a few things over and  market I was watching was setting itself up for a nice up move.

I know he does not trade out of his home office but if you do, there needs to be separation.  I really go back in forth with this but it can not hurt to act as if you are going to work.  Trading is a business after all.

To be continued…

Part 3

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