Money solves all of your problems.

It is often said, trading introduces you to yourself. I was in my second year of trading when I heard that phrase.  She would go on to ultimately teach me much about life and myself.  The benefit of being in my early 20’s and teaching people in their 40’s and 50’s.  I helped them with trading, they helped me grow up.

What that phrase means is that who ever you are that day will show up in your trading.  This of course comes in varying degrees.

In many professions your emotional state may not effect your earnings or employment.  In trading, a “bad” day can  create a cascading effect. You lost when you should have made money.  You created a bad habit.  Losing doesn’t trigger the right response, etc.

A trader views the market through themselves.  Now, most of the time it is little things that can be easily passed over.  Human beings are always going to have to deal with things they rather would not have to.  Every person has a bad day.

Money solves all of your problems, till it doesn’t.  The difficult part about trading is the problems start and the money (win or loss) CAN come at different times.  Think about this concept another way, a headline comes out and the market reacts to it (or it is reasonable to think it is a catalyst).  Well it turns out the headline is old and everyone already knew about it.  The story/money and what it bears can often come at the “wrong” or different times.  You are rewarded or punished just not always easy to connect the actions in real time.

Money does not necessarily mean your actions are correct.  Yes over time it evens out but some run out of money, patience, emotional currency before it corrects.  They weren’t honest about who they were that day.  It is prudent to always look a gift horse in the mouth.

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  • If I could quote Kanye without puking: “Having money’s not everything. Not having it is.”

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  1. If I could quote Kanye without puking: “Having money’s not everything. Not having it is.”

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