Opening the Mail in the Bathroom Guy

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Opening the Mail in the Bathroom Guy

Identifying comment/behavior: This is self-explanatory, but he is the guy who opens the mail in the bathroom.

I am not sure if this is just a phenomenon at the CBOT or other exchanges have it too. I can understand taking the occasional phone call in the bathroom; it is a 24hr world. But opening your mail? I am assuming he brought the mail from home, so he had ample time to open it.

Let’s ignore the obvious sanitary issues. You are right, I can’t. That is the reason it bothers me. How inefficient is this guy’s life that he is risking his health, to open his mail? Maybe it is his way of screwing his bill collectors, until the bio-hazard alarm goes off and he is arrested. The alarm could be set off from the mail carrier too, I once saw that guy use a restroom with a hand full of mail.

I am not a germophobe, cash is probably much worse. Cash is a necessity. Opening your mail in the bathroom can be avoided. The moral of the trading story? Take things one step at a time. I told the story about not being able to find my keys and how that indicated that my mind was in the wrong place.


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