The Agoraphobic Trader.

The market is risky.  There is nothing about it that isn’t risky.  Risk never changes, your understanding and ability to make decisions based on what you are likely to achieve does change.   One of the most important things about risk is liquidity. Agoraphobia is a “Panic disorder with agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder inContinue Reading

One of the best pieces of advice for a trader.

As you are learning to trade you get these pieces of wisdom but do not understand how helpful they actually are. After talking to my mentor, Anthony Crudele (DELI), on a particularly bad day, he saw that my confidence was shaken.  He asked what was wrong.  I told him that I didn’t think I couldContinue Reading

Money solves all of your problems.

It is often said, trading introduces you to yourself. I was in my second year of trading when I heard that phrase.  She would go on to ultimately teach me much about life and myself.  The benefit of being in my early 20’s and teaching people in their 40’s and 50’s.  I helped them withContinue Reading

The bull market in cheerleading.

We were not playing a particular strong team.  I think they had only won a few games and we were probably ranked in the state.  It was 3rd down and forever and they had to pass or maybe they just couldn’t run the ball but it was an obvious passing situation.  I dropped back andContinue Reading

7 dirty words of trading.

This post orignally appeared in January 2011.  Be careful how you use the following words and phrases as they become road blocks or worse take you down the wrong path. Should– Phrases include: “The market should have” and “I should have”. Those phrases are often used to socialize losses. They are a strong signal somethingContinue Reading

Thoughts on the Nanex HFT in futures report.

Nanex came out with their report of a report on futures, lets call it a derivative. The original report is here, I only skimmed it but came away with harmless conclusions and nothing that a trader would not do themselves. I want to say that I am not a HFT apologist but I will letContinue Reading

Losses: Understanding value versus cost.

In a Bronx Tale, after C loans $20 to a guy who wont pay and he does not even like, Sonny explains that for $20 he never has to see him again. Louie! My grandmother’s sick. I’ll talk to you later, I gotta go do something. Where’s my f*cking money?  You’re fucking dead when I catch you,Continue Reading

Defeating Stockblockers

This post originally appeared Nov. 2010 and is still true.  I am not trying to add insult to injury here just a reminder that the loudest people are not always right.  Joshua Brown, from, wrote an article about stockblockers. Below he illustrates the dangers of stockblockers: Don’t let the ill-informed, click-obsessed bloggers keep you on the sidelines withContinue Reading

In a market that rises, the price increases.

I am about to rant. So the title of the post is “In a market that rises, the price increases.”  You probably think that is the most obvious statement of all time.  I agree. Let’s look at another sentence. “When X happens, the price increases.” Let’s construct a sentence that is more “believable” , “WhenContinue Reading

86% of the1955 Fortune 500 have failed.

Below is an infographic that illustrates how  only 14% of companies in the Fortune 500 from 1955 are still alive today.  It also shows that most start ups fail.  Like trading, you do not always win the first time and nothing is older than yesterday’s success. Source: Reading

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