Refocusing after a distraction.

I love my father but he has zero sense of time.  I have told my family never to call me near the open, unless it is an emergency.  If I do get a call I assume it is an emergency so I answer it.  Luckily there have been very few emergencies.  In the beginning I would just tell my father I would call him back.  Obviously that is not the right thing to do.  I would be thinking about how selfish that was and could not concentrate anyways.  So now I just let the conversation run its course. Most of the conversation is him yelling at his crew.  You would be surprised how creative a person can be at yelling. It is good entertainment and a reminder of what lead me to trading.

How I regain focus once distracted:

Get neutral- Frustration about the situation will not make it better.  Get over it.  Prevent it or accept it.

Start my routine over- This helps me to get my rhythm back.  It takes very little effort and helps me to relax.

Test the water- Start slow to make sure it is all working again.  Understand why.

This is how I refocus after every trade.  It is almost natural at this point. It does not come so natural with distractions.

Moral of the story, call your family before they call you because they will always call.

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3 Responses to Refocusing after a distraction.

  1. Anonymous says:

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  2. equitytrader says:

    what about trading with wife around 😉 anyway good post, thank you again 

  3. […] are two things that you can do with distraction.  Eliminate or accept it.  I talked about how my father seemed to call me on the open more times than I wanted.  If you can’t eliminate the distraction by turning off your phone […]

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