A refresher course. Why you should never stop learning.

If you follow my personal twitter feed you know that I was in Florida this past week visiting my mentor. He is an independent, outright trader and makes up between 5%-10% of the daily volume in e-mini S&P. He was one of the first people to trade the emini contract. He is incredibly knowledgeable and his desire to continue learning no matter how much success he has is incredible. His message to me has not changed much but my understanding has. As always, he had a few new things to teach me and I showed him a few things I was looking at.

Continuing to learn should be part of your routine and not an afterthought. Evidence supporting this can be found in the lobby, hallways, and elevators of the CME Group. A stream of endless encounters with the shells of people. It is similar to being at nursing home but with people in their 30s and 40s. They are weary from the lifestyle change and searching for the answer. They age 10 times as fast as seems normal and are distant. They forgot three things that will always be constant: contining to learn, believing you are never bigger than the market, and saving money.

Part of learning is adjusting your strategy. I am not advocating being a method jumper and it is equally important to not go down with a sinking ship. The more money you make with a method the harder it is to let it go and vice versa. I am using 4 concepts to trade right now. The two that I do not ever see changing is market profile and tape reading. But I will always be asking, “what have you do for me lately”.

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  2. Nicola says:

    EXCELLENT advice, Eli

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