Reward Evolution: Updated

Thanks for the emails and comments. I had a variant of feedback, from spending more time with the wife/family, to financial independence, to the challenge, to love of all things financials and variations of the lot. You will find that the following was written differently than the original post. That is in part because of how I have evolved. You get what you focus on. The hitch of the strategy is that we also need to be rounded human beings and traders. In order for our brain to continue functioning we take these bits and condense them. Without experience,how it relates to us we cannot process the files. Things do not necessarily get more complicated we can just related, retrieve, gather, condense them faster. Think about how a new word is created. This occurs because we turn a sentence into a word or phrase. This is part of the reason why my focus seems split. It is not but it is always on the verge.

Why do I trade? It fills my competitive void. Competition forces me to be better. There is someone with better technology, more experience, and more capital. If I do not bring it, they will crush me. I have to do the right things in other parts of my life as well. My trading statement is always looking over my shoulder. This requires balance and so I understand why the trading statement comment may appear contradictory to other things I have said.

It is an old friend

Have you talked with an old friend after several months have passed? It is great because they are basically the same person but they have something new to talk about. Trading is like that to me. At its core it will always be the same but it changes enough that it is still interesting.

Lifestyle design

Although I have not taken as much advantage of this as I should, I can work from any place I am confident in the internet connection.

Instant feedback

The market introduces you to yourself constantly. Are you listening? The market tells you if you are failing or if your techniques are failing and vice versa. That is awesome. In no other business is feedback so constant and a viewpoint so relevant.

Thanks again everyone for the comments and emails. It is great to hear from you and see things from a different perspective.

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