The rise of the economan.

You are probably asking yourself, what is an economan?  This person is a trained economist whose frequency and accuracy is similar to a weatherman.  Let me clarify, this is not every economist, it is a select few that gives them all a bad name.

Necessary attributes:

  • Goal is to have an audience long enough to be right. Quantity first and quality 50th.
  • Rigidity and steadfastness.  Their degree (s) are the argument, it starts and ends there.  They were too busy studying to see the outside world.  They requested the only dorm room without windows.
  • No need to test their assumptions, they have it down to a science.  After all, their books said so.
  • Amazing inability to tell the difference between the economy and stock market prices.
  • All criticism is met with a lift of a chin.  Why are mere mortals questioning them?
  • Must own a minimum of 13 bowties and three monocles. Canes are optional but encouraged.

So how do you deal with an economan?  You grab an umbrella when they say it is sunny and always wear protective boots.  Bullshit will ruin your shoes.  Note: No weatherman were intentially injured in this post.

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