Rounded Reading

The Society

“The burden of citizenship is to share in, and hold people to account for, the injustices experienced by our neighbors. Alice was fucking ripped off to the tune of any semblance of economic and financial security she might ever have had at the very moment that her husband was dying of cancer.” –Shame

The Shiny Stuff

‘…the myth that if you have a COMEX Gold contract, the rules allow the short on the other side of the contract to deliver you GLD shares instead of physical gold.  That is false.  Factually erroneous.” –No, GLD Shares May Not Be Used to Settle COMEX Contracts

“So what do we make of the silly yellow metal that’s making all this noise throughout the media lately? The dreaded death cross right? Isn’t that funny? Maybe I find humor in things that other people don’t. But “Death Cross”?? Come on. Can we come up with something any more ridiculous? It’s almost as good as the Golden Cross.” – Gold from the top down.

The Brain

“It may make a sexier story to pretend that a drug trend is unprecedented and to disregard the phases of love and hate we go through with psychoactive drugs.” – Getting prescription meds right

“The human brain is capable of 1016processes per second, which makes it far more powerful than any computer currently in existence.” – The 12 cognitive biases that prevent you from being rational

The Market

“Then the sellers became impatient and took their offers to the market and we made new lows for the week, but they were then disappointed because we rallied back and closed above half-way back of this weeks range.” – Thoughts on the current market and the week ahead

“Indeed, macroeconomic “noise” may very well be just that on a grand scale. However, for swing traders the notion of the momentum cutting both ways also needs to be considered.” – A Calculated Response

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