Sabotaging your trading success.

If you have been trading for any length of time you will have to overcome self sabotage.  The time when you give some money back for the sake of giving it back.  There are a few types.  Winners guilt and need to build sabotage.

Winners guilt.

Trading for a living is not an easy task.  When you start, all you see are dollar signs.  Your expectations are through the roof.  Reality starts to set in and doubt has been there for awhile. Expectations are diminished.  Eventually you start chipping away again by doing the right thing. Then after many good trades or days, who you are and who think you are different.  You are better than you think in the beginning and worse than you think you are later.  Adjustment to to expectations and reality are not easy.  If you have gotten to the point where you are making money, you deserve it. You will need that money, especially if a majority of it is because everyone is making money.

The need to build.

Building something is way more exciting than having a building.  We tear it down to build it up again, that is easy. The only good thing is that even that eventually gets boring.  The problem is that sometimes too many things change and it takes awhile to get back.  Here is a thought that I am trying to implement in my life.  Instead of looking at it as a building, I look at it like a block. With each block, it is harder and the path is slightly different.  But I am over tearing things down for the sake of building it up again.  I am afraid I might wake up one day to realized I have accomplished very little.

Life and trading is hard enough without sabotaging yourself.  Understand the difference between lucky and good in your trading.

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2 Responses to Sabotaging your trading success.

  1. David Aw says:

    Hi this is David.
    I’m too had wrote a post on this topic. Funny when you write this as it actually open your eyes that exist. Hope to connect further. Great insights though.

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