Superbowl at the exchange.

From the archives.

For most people, the Super Bowl is less about the game and more about  what surrounds it.   The shrimp cocktail, keg stands with the crazy aunt, the betting, the commercials, etc.  What takes place at the exchange is not much different then what happens outside of it, it is just taken to the extreme. Jeffrey Carter talked about the $10K a square pool and although I did not know about the G-man sting, I knew it was almost impossible to get into that pool.  It was hard to get in because professional athletes and celebrities got first crack. There is something alluring about winning $1 million cash and only risking $10k.   It should be noted that the CME was not too happy with the publicity it was getting and put the kibosh on it. If that pool exist today, I or anyone else wouldn’t tell you.

The other big difference is the behavior of the members during SB time.  When you draw money from your trading account you can have it wired, check, or cash).  Although most if not all have stopped giving cash.  I estimate the cash box of my clearing firm had $10k at all times.  On the Thursday and Friday before the Super Bowl or Christmas week  it would easily have $100k-$200k.  The first time I saw it, it was out of place but like most things in that building you become desensitized.  No one looked twice, there was not extra security it was just normal. It speaks volumes about the opportunity that the exchange holds or held.

Most spectacular things do come to an end. It was fun while it lasted, but it was replaced by consistency.  Everyone has a chance and that is a good thing.

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