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“Trading is as easy as hitting the Like button”

A marketing friend sent me an article the other day about how much a Facebook like is worth to a public company.  This is not the first time I have gotten an article like this. So, 99.95 percent of the change could be explained by the change in fan counts,” he says. In other words,Continue Reading

When your objectivity leaves, you should too.

When you can no longer see the other side of the trade you have begun to lose. Maybe not money but your greatest asset as a trader, flexibility and adaptibility, is gone.  Nothing is scarier in my life or as trader is when I have it all figured out. It means I am setting upContinue Reading

Some more on entry timing.

Updated.  I got this question today. How do you personally get around from being “too early” or “too late” on an entry? There are a few things that have helped me get over missing a trade or “being right” and not making money. Opportunity vs profit. I thought the market owed me profits.  Now, I seeContinue Reading

Healing is an important skill set for trading.

This idea originally written about in Feb 2011. How do you heal?  There are going to be tough times in this business and your ability to get back up or to know when to get back up is important.  Let me explain that again.  Some people can come back right after a loss and stillContinue Reading

A few key attributes of successful traders.

The best traders I know are all different.  Some dress like they are coming from the gym and some dress like Liberace.  Some are family men and some aren’t.  Some are 100k millionaires and some are millionaires that spend like a 15 year with an allowance.  Some are a part of trading and for some trading isContinue Reading

A chart records, it does not explain.

The market is a communication device, a chart is the recorder. It is easy to forget. A chart tells a story, it does not predict with certainty the ending of that story. It always reserves the right to change the ending or have no ending at all. It also has the power to start aContinue Reading

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