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Don’t be a plan fu*ker.

I am big fan of Mark Suster, he is an Entrepreneur turned VC, and writes at Bothsidesofthetable.com.  One of my favorite posts is Don’t be a Grin Fucker.  A grin fu*ker is someone whom you offer advice to and smiles and shakes your hand and does the exact opposite. This is something we all struggleContinue Reading

In a market that rises, the price increases.

I am about to rant. So the title of the post is “In a market that rises, the price increases.”  You probably think that is the most obvious statement of all time.  I agree. Let’s look at another sentence. “When X happens, the price increases.” Let’s construct a sentence that is more “believable” , “WhenContinue Reading

Rules and getting whacked, quick chat with @bamatrader and @sellputs

A chat with @bamatrader and @sellputs [View the story “Rules and Getting whacked” on Storify] Sign up for our FREE Morning Brief, big picture view of markets in critical area and proprietary support and resistance. You can also sign up to see us trade live here. We would really appreciate your feedback, if you like, hate,Continue Reading

Charting 101: Please stop doing this.

With great powers comes great responsibility. We have access to data but our ability to evaluate it is lacking.  Like a 90 year old using photoshop or a 16 year fresh from the DMV driving a Ferrari. It seems like I run across an article, either main stream media or “trader” alike that attempts toContinue Reading

“Trading is as easy as hitting the Like button”

A marketing friend sent me an article the other day about how much a Facebook like is worth to a public company.  This is not the first time I have gotten an article like this. So, 99.95 percent of the change could be explained by the change in fan counts,” he says. In other words,Continue Reading

Getting undressed by window dressing…

Window dressing occurs when a trader is short and the market rallies and until recently was only limited to the end of month but it now can occur at any point. See many trades tell themselves lies. For example, there is only one way to make money. That if you make money doing one thingContinue Reading

Linkfest: Interview addition.

Interview with Tadas Viskanta by VIX AND MORE Tadas talks about the start of Abnormal Returns, focus, his new book, bringing investment to the masses, protecting yourself, and personal finance. I have always liked Tadas not only for his contribution to the trading community but just the way you feel when you are around theContinue Reading

Quick overview of the open.

Posted 9:27 ET. Yesterday we hit our upside targets in the big picture for S&P 500, NASDAQ, and DJ.  This almost never happens simultaneously as it did.  Although the overall trend is up this will help loosen up the market and eventually some side will puke or get really aggressive.  This is part of the reasonContinue Reading

When news and technicals collide we have days like this.

On Friday I wrote a post asking when was the last time news matter?  Later in that day Anthony Crudele (DELI) wrote a post about how he saw the S&P 500 at a critical point.  That post was an extension of  post he wrote “Is the VIX signaling a correction?“. We argued a little bitContinue Reading

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