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(Video) Jack Schwager Winning Methods of the Market Wizard

Part 1- Trade your personality, systems that do not fit the person fail, have a plan, and be dedicated. Part 2- No easy money, short term success is 50/50, good trading is effortless, and know where you are wrong. Part 3- Time frame matters, important to be confidence, losing is part of the game, andContinue Reading

Email: How do I get confidence in my system?

The short answer, you cant. You cannot ever have confidence in a system alone.  A trader makes the system, the system does not make the trader. A working system/good market makes everyone money, a badly working system/bad market only makes a few traders money. I think it is important to have some diversity in yourContinue Reading

Email: How much money do I need to start trading?

Letter from a reader. Hi Eli, I just read a few of your articles and thought I would drop you a quick email. I liked the analogy about getting through the forest as I think that is where I find myself now. I have been trading the S&P futures for about a year now onContinue Reading

A case of the "Mondays".

Just got off the phone with a client. He explained he was having trouble with Mondays. After having a bad day he fights an uphill battle the rest of the week. Nothing can be more frustrating than waiting all weekend for the market to open and to get beat up on the opening bell. ComingContinue Reading

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