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Distribution of Financial Information

Howard Lindzon came out with a post this weekend, I Would Like to Hire a Few Lobbyists…and Thanks Stevie Cohen for This Tipping Point in Securities Law Reform!. There is definitely a sarcastic/sad tone to the article.  The people have always moved faster than the ability of regulators to catch up.  They are still working on socialContinue Reading

5 words in trading that are bull&!#%

There are few words that get thrown out a lot that do not share the same context as their everyday counterpart. Consistency–  if anything other than your process is consistent you are looking at it the wrong way.  If you are consistently making the same money everyday and the market is changing you are doingContinue Reading

When your objectivity leaves, you should too.

When you can no longer see the other side of the trade you have begun to lose. Maybe not money but your greatest asset as a trader, flexibility and adaptibility, is gone.  Nothing is scarier in my life or as trader is when I have it all figured out. It means I am setting upContinue Reading

The hidden losses.

Hidden losses occur when you do not get out on the best tick. It is impossible to always get out on the best tick and even harder if you are not trading multiple contracts. Not saying everyone should trade multiple contracts, it could also be that your trading plan does not allow it. But IContinue Reading

Getting what you think about and what if your target is hit.

There are many thoughts that pop into your head throughout the trading day. Some are good and some are bad.  One thing to remember is that they are all helpful and provide insight to your internal barometer. You get what you think about.   If you are always thinking about not losing you are going to haveContinue Reading

Thoughts on trading plans.

When I speak about the need for a trading plan it is not because I got it right the first time. I did not have a plan I just did it.  I was told I needed a plan but at that point in my life I was always the exception.  I lost time and moneyContinue Reading

Resting orders, trading plans, and intuition/fear signal crossing.

Originally appeared November 2010 I have had a nice email exchange over the past week. Originally we had talked about pulling the trigger, I asked him to send me his trading plan. In addition he asked me my opinion on resting orders. A plan is only as effective as your ability to accept the consequencesContinue Reading

Anatomy of bad market commentary via a tweet.

Trading is personal.  Your DNA plays a part in your trading.  I do not think you can tell someone how to trade or grieve without learning something about them (trade not grieve). With that being said there are thoughts and mindsets that make trading hard.  I do not remember the exact tweet or who said itContinue Reading

Experience as a disadvantage.

Experience does not mean you do not have to do the work, it means that the work pays more dividends. Learning to trade futures in Chicago, the futures capital of the world, has allowed me to see how people adjust or not adjust to changes in the market.  I talked to anyone who would listenContinue Reading

3 differences between a professional trader and a home gamer.

There are at least 3 differences between a professional trader and a trader who wants to be a professional. Can look past current trade. Just like every move does not mean another trend neither does every movement in the P/L.  Satisfaction or disappointment comes at the end of a trading day, trading month, or never. Entry priceContinue Reading

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