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End of month bull market tendencies.

In bull markets there is a tendency to sell the end of the month and buy the first of the month. This is also a time when there is rotation among markets. We look at markets on a relationship basis. By looking at these relationships we can adjust our execution, be bigger or smaller orContinue Reading

Price determines greed.

Today is one of those days where I am seeing the market well but timing is slightly off.  It is a little harder for me to scratch a trade and work around a position, like yesterday.  Yesterday spoiled me a little. Lesson learned. One of the mistakes that traders make is they see the marketContinue Reading

It isn’t the losing, it is the not getting back.

I get a phone call.  I make a few phone calls to cancel the meetings I have scheduled, I pack some clothes and get in the car. I am headed to the hospital.  Despite having made the trip home more than 50 times, I get lost 3 times. After the third time I finally caughtContinue Reading

It never lasts forever.

If you have read the blog for awhile you know the story about the first day I sat down at my own machine.  I was placing a few trades a week though a friend with success.  It was limited to whether I found a good setup and he was in a good enough mood.  IContinue Reading

You aren’t born with discipline.

Discipline is important, especially in volatile markets.  Discipline is not something that you are born with it is something that has to be learned.  Think about a family member or even yourself, are you discipline and they are not or vice versa?  This has nothing to do with DNA.  You either want it or youContinue Reading

Too invested to trade.

One of the worst parts of trading at CME is I got to see many traders on their last day. One of the best parts of trading at the CME is I got to see many traders on their last day. How they got to that point is all different. One of the three D’s,Continue Reading

Video: Letting market dictate how much you trade, types of charts, and how BIG is too big.

Another Q&A in the book with E-mini Executors.  We hammer home again the importance of not putting yourself in a box.  We talk liquidity and why we like the S&P 500.  Also we talk technology.  If you are looking for cost effective equipment try www.tigerdirect.com or www.monoprice.com    We would really appreciate your feedback, ifContinue Reading

The start of E-mini trading and eliminating emotions.

Sorry about the difficulties with technology yesterday. I talk with Anthony about the beginning of e-mini trading. It is hard to imagine trading without a mouse, a DOM, or even a high speed connection. We also talk about emotions in trading and more importantly how to minimize them. Check out the video below. We wouldContinue Reading

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