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Resting orders, trading plans, and intuition/fear signal crossing.

Originally appeared November 2010 I have had a nice email exchange over the past week. Originally we had talked about pulling the trigger, I asked him to send me his trading plan. In addition he asked me my opinion on resting orders. A plan is only as effective as your ability to accept the consequencesContinue Reading

Three things to make trading less hard.

Trading is not easy but it also isn’t as hard as we make it.  Here are three things that will help it be less hard. Trading Plan Have a plan already.  You are just guessing and putting yourself through unnecessary stress if you don’t.  You are taking a test without studying. Fall in love withContinue Reading

Lies, damned lies, and a chart: Are you committing chart abuse?

“Lies, damned lies, and a chart“   You know how I feel about charts and I could argue my opposition’s side, too. My main point is that a chart records, that cannot be argued.   Charts can even be self fulfilling prophecies. Charts are very useful and they need to be studied. There is notContinue Reading

Secret to trading success: You.

Originally appeared in July 2010. “You are the weakest part of your system”. That is a defeatist statement and completely untrue. It makes your expectation to fail easier to accomplish and more importantly it makes failure easier to handle. It shifts the pressure away from you and unto fate. Would you fly on an airlineContinue Reading

Being right and losing money.

I am going to rant here so turn around if you want.  To become successful in anything competitive requires you to think slightly different or do things differently or sacrifice something others are unwilling to. It is often the subtle mind shifts or behavioral changes at the right time that will catapult you to success.Continue Reading

Dealing with entry timing.

I got this question today. How do you personally get around from being “too early” or “too late” on an entry? There are a few things that have helped me get over missing a trade or “being right” and not making money. Opportunity vs profit. I thought the market owed me profits.  Now, I seeContinue Reading

A refresher course. Why you should never stop learning.

If you follow my personal twitter feed you know that I was in Florida this past week visiting my mentor. He is an independent, outright trader and makes up between 5%-10% of the daily volume in e-mini S&P. He was one of the first people to trade the emini contract. He is incredibly knowledgeable andContinue Reading

Busting slumps, the trading kind. Part 3

This is a part 3 on slumps. Please feel free to download and share the PDF. TraderHabitsSlumps2 Part 1 Part 2 Tip #8- Take a Break Tip #9- Relax Tip # 10- Acquire a Selective Memory Tip #11- Bring it All Together Take a Break “Being able to trade again, may require not trading tomorrow.”Continue Reading

Slumping busting, the trading kind. Part 2

This is an part 2 on slumps. Please feel free to download and share the PDF. TraderHabitsSlumps2 Part 1 Part 3 Tip #4- Get Help Tip #5- Start Small Tip #6- Separate Yourself Tip #7- Leave Breadcrumbs Get Help “He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remainsContinue Reading

Slumping busting, the trading kind. Part 1

This is part 1 of an e-book I published in 2008 about slumps. Please feel free to download and share the PDF. TraderHabitsSlumps2 Part 2 Part 3 Tip #1- Get Back to Basics Tip #2- Stay Positive Tip #3- Create Repeatable Routines “Slumps are like soft beds, easy to get into and hard to getContinue Reading

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