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What I do for a living.

It is a natural progression in most conversations. What do you do for a living? No one actually calls it a living in my generation; we have the government and our parent’s basements to insure we live. I prefer, what do you want to be when you grow up? My response is I provide liquidity.Continue Reading

Break your rules, find a new profession.

It seems like there has been a steady stream of information and opinion flowing on breaking rules. Originally I had planned to talk about the pros and cons of breaking rules. I realized that would be a disservice. There are many views that I hold that are based on my experience. I think of myselfContinue Reading

Inaccurate assumptions. Fin Reg revisited.

This website is not about politics. I don’t know enough and it is does not interest me. There are so many other website that do it much better. I am making an exception, I make this exception not because I want to, but because I have to. I wrote that I supported financial regulation. ItContinue Reading

Reliability and Obscurity of Information

Reliability and Obscurity of Information I have been very actively observing other markets and seeing people’s trade ideas through twitter and stocktwits. My observation is that the market is made up of way more points of view. I am not sure how many are out there, but I feel outnumbered in my approach. It couldContinue Reading

How not to handle a loss, a $5k lesson for free.

How not to handle a loss. A long time friend and client sent me a text to see how I was doing and tell me how he was doing. He had taken some time off to deal with the family business and a cross country move. He has things that enables him to be aContinue Reading

3 things that will kill your trading success.

Three destructive habits that will kill your trading day, week, month, or career. No one believes me that almost all of the days are the same. My perspective is a little different almost 6 years later because I have had more days, but the following has served me well. Not having a plan. Get aContinue Reading

Is the trend really your friend?

Is the trend really your friend? If you are the least bit familiar with my work, you know I hate these phrases. “The trend is your friend”, is probably one of the most commonly used of all of these phrases. It seems very logical, a good story and easy sell. Plus it rhymes so itContinue Reading

How does information influence trading and our NCAA tourney picks?

How does information influence trading and our NCAA tourney picks? My bracket is busted after the Kansas loss. For those of you who do not live in America, there is a college basketball tournament every March. It takes 65 qualifying teams, ranks them and sends them across the country to play in a single eliminationContinue Reading

Not all scratches are created equal.

By scratching, I mean getting out at or near where you got in, resulting in little to no loss or gain. When I enter a trade, psychologically that money is gone. I have assumed the outcome of a trade to be a loss, at least initially. This is not because I am pessimistic, but ofContinue Reading

Pro Tip- Losing and failure are not the same thing.

Losing and failure are not the same thing. No matter the outcome of the trade, I am guaranteed two things: I am paying commission and assuming my head is not up my ass, I learned something about myself, the market, and the relationship between the two. Fortunately, losing is a part of trading. Yes IContinue Reading

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