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Eliminating risk is not the purpose of trading. Part 1

Earlier this week, as Timmy Giethner was speaking he made it a point to bash banks.  He said something along the lines of we need to remove risk from the banking system.  I am still perplexed why he said that but I think it is a general misconception of people that risk is always bad.Continue Reading

Video: We talked debt ceiling, change of direction, and identifying the leader.

In this week’s Q&A we talk about how the debt ceiling could effect the markets, how a professional transitions from long to short and and vise versa, we also talk about the importance of identifying the leader. We are live every 1ET on Wednesday taking your questions here. Also, if you are interested in learningContinue Reading

Q&A with E-mini Executors

Below is a recording of a live Q&A with Anthony. Video isn’t the greatest quality but the content is there. If you have questions in the future please tag them with #eminix and we will get them either in a video or on twitter/stocktwits. Thanks again We would really appreciate your feedback, if you like,Continue Reading

I don’t give a f#%& if I miss a trade.

There are several things you have to get over as a trader.  They are the cost of doing business. Missing a trade is one of them. If I am fortunate enough to be in a position to miss a thousand more trades it means I am still a trader. That statement is obviously a bitContinue Reading

Chart of the Day: $ES_F

I like to look at long term charts because it gives a big picture view.  The patterns start on a small picture and slowly get larger.  I have a tendency to assume that a chart has happened before.   On a shorter term chart, there are more chances.  On a longer term chart that assumptionContinue Reading

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