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What if love is not enough?

Have you ever loved something so much and it just didn’t work out?  Maybe it is a sports team, an animal, or maybe you developed an allergy to cheese.  Whatever it is, you guys aren’t together anymore. Price action is the same way.  No matter how much you love a market or stock is it does notContinue Reading

The power of fear.

Fear is the emotion of survival. Before every game or before the first trade of the day there is always that little bit of uncertainty. That feeling in your stomach. For me it always went away as soon as the first hit or the dink of my first order getting filled. Same is true withContinue Reading

Three destructive habits every trader must avoid.

Three destructive habits that will kill your trading day, week, month, or career. Not having a plan. Get a plan, who cares if it is bad, start with something. You can build off of it and refine it. You have to be willing to spend the time to make the plan yours. You do notContinue Reading

Losing the battle to win the war.

I recently had to dump a friend.  The relationship stunk, neither of us were getting anything out of it and that had always been the case.  We ran in some of the same circles so we kept bumping into each other.  It was volatile to say the least and we were pushed to our limits.Continue Reading

Your state of mind when you take risk is as important as the risk.

I could probably write or talk about risk for days.  As a trader you have to be comfortable with risk.  This often means redefining it. Part of redefining it is knowing your state of mind when you take risk is as important as the risk.  There are times when the risk looks different because ofContinue Reading

Thoughts for a Sunday.

If you don’t have the creativity and flexibility of at least two scenarios than you can’t be a successful trader over the long term. Trading is the ability to see things in terms of another.  What is the chart saying and how long before it gets its point across. A chart is art.  It is an expressionContinue Reading

Can you be an emotional and a successful trader?

Micheal Bigger brought up that question this morning. I have be around many traders and every trader handles emotions in a different way. The problem with making a value judgment about emotions, is that we do it on the premise that what emotion means to you and what it means to me are the same.Continue Reading

Two essential things that are preventing you from recovering after a losing trade.

You are not a trader until you have come back from a brutal loss.  Here are two things that may prevent you from getting you back faster. An inability to put into perspective time and money. The day in long and your career is as long as you want it to be or do theContinue Reading

Trading is boring.

The first time I was on the trading floor my heart raced, my brain was going through sensory overload, and I fell in love. I never got the opportunity to trade on the floor. However, the first time I sat down at my trading station and the account was live I felt that same feeling.Continue Reading

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