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4 Things I would do differently if I was a new trader.

Originally appeared in April 2011 I would not change how my trading career has gone but if I had to do it all over again these are the things that I would do differently: Pick an objective sooner. I first was placing trades through my mentor. That meant that I could trade may be 2-3Continue Reading

Linkfest: Interview addition.

Interview with Tadas Viskanta by VIX AND MORE Tadas talks about the start of Abnormal Returns, focus, his new book, bringing investment to the masses, protecting yourself, and personal finance. I have always liked Tadas not only for his contribution to the trading community but just the way you feel when you are around theContinue Reading

This isn’t show friends it is show business.

It is easy to get caught up in the emotions of the market.  It is easy to take it personal. It is easy to think that the market has it out for you. Do not take the easy way out. The truth is, with the exception of a few big players, the market does notContinue Reading

Giving back profits and taking too much risk.

There is no profit too small you shouldn’t take it.  If the market isn’t giving you anything it is ok to peel it off.  Start again.  The best traders get in and out on the best ticks.   This is much easier to do trading multiple contracts because entry and exit risk is not asContinue Reading

When 99% is more than 100%.

If you have ever played a sport no doubt someone has told you to give 110%.  Well first that is impossible and I really think that thought process is destructive.  The easiest way to get better is to surround yourself with people who are better than you.  You can observe the little things that makeContinue Reading

The market isn’t predictable and it wouldn’t help you anyways.

I have known some great analyst. They spend hours and hours looking at charts figuring out good prices and reasons.  Trying to come up with that perfect equation/setup/risk free trade.  Risk free trades are expensive; they cost time, cost psychological capital, and require huge opportunity cost. They are easier to find from the inside notContinue Reading

The start of E-mini trading and eliminating emotions.

Sorry about the difficulties with technology yesterday. I talk with Anthony about the beginning of e-mini trading. It is hard to imagine trading without a mouse, a DOM, or even a high speed connection. We also talk about emotions in trading and more importantly how to minimize them. Check out the video below. We wouldContinue Reading

Can you be an emotional and a successful trader?

Micheal Bigger brought up that question this morning. I have be around many traders and every trader handles emotions in a different way. The problem with making a value judgment about emotions, is that we do it on the premise that what emotion means to you and what it means to me are the same.Continue Reading

3 situations that make trading more emotional.

It is nearly impossible to take away emotions in trading. And I am not sure I would actually want to take all of them away. The problem is that too much of anything is a bad thing. Here are few reasons a trader might be too emotional. Can’t afford to lose. Losing the money youContinue Reading

A few key attributes of successful traders.

The best traders I know are all different.  Some dress like they are coming from the gym and some dress like Liberace.  Some are family men and some aren’t.  Some are 100k millionaires and some are millionaires that spend like a 15 year with an allowance.  Some are a part of trading and for some trading isContinue Reading

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