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If you make money every trade you will eventually be broke.

The benefit of being around the futures capital of world, Chicago, has been invaluable to me.  I have seen many people come and go and it has helped me to realize the mistakes a little faster.  It never prevented me from the mistakes but lessened their amplitude and frequency. I use to ride the elevatorContinue Reading

Turning your brain into foie gras.

As I type this in front of my 6 screens, down from 10, I go back to the question I was asked when I showed a friend my office. “Do you really need that many screens?”  I explained I needed 4 for trading and wanted 2 for internet. Going further I explained how I usedContinue Reading

Getting undressed by window dressing…

Window dressing occurs when a trader is short and the market rallies and until recently was only limited to the end of month but it now can occur at any point. See many trades tell themselves lies. For example, there is only one way to make money. That if you make money doing one thingContinue Reading

Brief overview of @Stocktwits symposium at Harvard.

Originally if you wanted to learn how to trade futures you had to come to Chicago and try to get a job as a runner.  Eventually as the floor has shifted to the screen you were a runner for food and coffee, like I was.  I imagine it was similar with stocks in NYC too.Continue Reading

How you define an outcome (losing capital), changes future outcomes.

(From the archives) Redefining or changing a word in a sentence can provide the necessary psychological shift to see things in a different way. This different perspective can lead to different results (hopefully positive). Probably the most common redefined word in finance is “Loss” which is turned into “Investment in Education” or “Tuition”. I amContinue Reading

The contradiction in trading rules and advice.

Teaching is hard.  I look back on what I did to my parents, my teachers, and coaches, they had some serious patience.  They must have used a bunch of energy trying to get their points across.  And of course my personality and lack of experience got in the way. One of the hardest things forContinue Reading

Don’t let data f@#% you.

Data and information are like air.  It is everywhere and we need it to survive.  Just like in every breathe we take we have a chance to do what we want with it, data is no different.  Anyone can manipulate any data and make it say whatever they want.  The tools we have today toContinue Reading

Cycle of Trading

This is the process we use when executing a trade.  As you get better the time it takes in each sequences shortens and becomes second nature. We would really appreciate your feedback, if you like, hate, or think we are full of crap. Please leave a comment, a voice mail (312) 725-9121, email info @Continue Reading

Misplaced focus.

One of my best friends from high school thought he was Deion Sanders.  After playing football together for many years our list of pre-game superstitious and rituals were lengthy.  It was a production. Finally a coach stepped in and the madness came to an end.  Habits can form for little or no reason but end for aContinue Reading

Money is an imperfect feedback mechanism.

My first day of trading, I made about $670 gross. $450 net.  I had been placing trades through my mentor and making some money.  When I finally had the opportunity to place a trade for myself, I went crazy.  I somehow made $450.  I did not think about how I made the money.  I knewContinue Reading

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