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E-mail: I am doing everything right and I am still losing.

I got an email yesterday and to sum it up it,it basically said “I am doing everything right and I am still losing”.  The most discouraging part of trading or really anything is learning what you do not know.  It is hard to measure the progress and many do not understand how or why theyContinue Reading

Patience and “The Goal” Parable

I was talking to a mentor of mine, whom I will formally introduce soon.  He asked me to read something.  It was an adaptation of a parable about patience and the goal.  It went something like this: A guy goes to a trading mentor and says he has 3 days to learn to trade. Guy:Continue Reading

Brief overview of @Stocktwits symposium at Harvard.

Originally if you wanted to learn how to trade futures you had to come to Chicago and try to get a job as a runner.  Eventually as the floor has shifted to the screen you were a runner for food and coffee, like I was.  I imagine it was similar with stocks in NYC too.Continue Reading

Misplaced focus.

One of my best friends from high school thought he was Deion Sanders.  After playing football together for many years our list of pre-game superstitious and rituals were lengthy.  It was a production. Finally a coach stepped in and the madness came to an end.  Habits can form for little or no reason but end for aContinue Reading

Reader Email: Struggling again.

Originally appeared October 2010 This is an email I got over the weekend; I have interacted with this trader a few times.  He is a newer trader.  I am selfish, I like to interact with new traders.  I can see the impact much quicker.  There are basic problems that new and struggling traders have.  I thinkContinue Reading

Video: Taking profits, trend vs range trading, holding out for targets and more.

Another Q & A in the books with E-mini Executors. We talk taking profits, minimum contract size for new traders, scaling, trading trend markets verses range bound markets, tips for holding out for your targets, and stocks verses futures. I say um about 30 times so the “um” drinking game is not recommended but ifContinue Reading

Being perfect is not worth the risk.

It is hard to be perfect. If you are perfect than you probably aren’t accomplishing much. Aiming for perfection in trading is exceptional risky. Psychological Risk One of the biggest problems new traders have is focusing on the wrong things. I did it, everyone does it. Being perfect is one of those things. Perfect isContinue Reading

Remix: 10 Rules for Rookie Day Traders

There are always going to be different sets of list for new traders. All offer some value. We are always going to believe our rules are better, obviously we are biased. Michael Sincere wrote a post entitled 10 Rules for Rookie Day Traders.  His rules are in bold with comments below. Here is our philosophyContinue Reading

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