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Money solves all of your problems.

It is often said, trading introduces you to yourself. I was in my second year of trading when I heard that phrase.  She would go on to ultimately teach me much about life and myself.  The benefit of being in my early 20’s and teaching people in their 40’s and 50’s.  I helped them withContinue Reading

Patience and “The Goal” Parable

I was talking to a mentor of mine, whom I will formally introduce soon.  He asked me to read something.  It was an adaptation of a parable about patience and the goal.  It went something like this: A guy goes to a trading mentor and says he has 3 days to learn to trade. Guy:Continue Reading

The contradiction in trading rules and advice.

Teaching is hard.  I look back on what I did to my parents, my teachers, and coaches, they had some serious patience.  They must have used a bunch of energy trying to get their points across.  And of course my personality and lack of experience got in the way. One of the hardest things forContinue Reading

How expectations will destroy you.

In most things success depends on knowing how long it takes to succeed. – Charles de Montesquieu That great quote came across my twitter feed from @PhilosophersSay via @eminiplayer.  It best sums up expectation and is extremely useful in trading.  The most simple thing I can say about expectations in trading is that at first youContinue Reading

How patience held me back today.

Patience with a reason pays. Doing anything with a reason pays. Yesterday, there was not much to do. I traded 7 a side.  I never got a chance to get a full position.  I made a little money but it was not in a repeatable way.  Meaning it could have gone either way. I saveContinue Reading

Flipping a position vs flipping a thesis.

We have all been stopped out and then flip (reverse) our position only to get stopped out again. Two things help me.  One I need to separate myself immediately.  If I am not at my screens I can’t trade.  No one likes to get stopped out and that most certainly changes the way I viewContinue Reading

3 things that will kill your trading success.

Threetthings that will kill your trading day, week, month, or career. No one believes me that almost all of the days are the same. My perspective is a little different 6 plus years later because I have had more days, but the following has served me well. Not having a plan. Get a plan, whoContinue Reading

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