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Don’t be a plan fu*ker.

I am big fan of Mark Suster, he is an Entrepreneur turned VC, and writes at Bothsidesofthetable.com.  One of my favorite posts is Don’t be a Grin Fucker.  A grin fu*ker is someone whom you offer advice to and smiles and shakes your hand and does the exact opposite. This is something we all struggleContinue Reading

Good or bad, it does not last forever.

Originally appeared in October 2011. If you have read the blog for awhile you know the story about the first day I sat down at my own machine.  I was placing a few trades a week though a friend with success.  It was limited to whether I found a good setup and he was in aContinue Reading

The bull market in cheerleading.

We were not playing a particular strong team.  I think they had only won a few games and we were probably ranked in the state.  It was 3rd down and forever and they had to pass or maybe they just couldn’t run the ball but it was an obvious passing situation.  I dropped back andContinue Reading

How I failed dealing with tragedy and it spilled into trading.

No matter what we accomplish, who we know, how much money or power we have, how great things are right now, we are not immune to tragedy.  It is bitter sweet.  Tragedy has a way of bounding us together, a type of closeness that can’t be achieved in another way.   It is through thisContinue Reading

Email: What is the most I should lose in a day?

This is a pretty common question.  Most people want a clear and simple equation.  But there isn’t one.  This is something that you need to answer for yourself.  Answering the following questions should help clear it up: What am I capable of making in a day? On your up days if you are making netContinue Reading

Patience and “The Goal” Parable

I was talking to a mentor of mine, whom I will formally introduce soon.  He asked me to read something.  It was an adaptation of a parable about patience and the goal.  It went something like this: A guy goes to a trading mentor and says he has 3 days to learn to trade. Guy:Continue Reading

Turning your brain into foie gras.

As I type this in front of my 6 screens, down from 10, I go back to the question I was asked when I showed a friend my office. “Do you really need that many screens?”  I explained I needed 4 for trading and wanted 2 for internet. Going further I explained how I usedContinue Reading

Three levels of trading success.

One of the big things that we teach our traders is the difference between a limit and a limitation.  A limit ensures you are in a good place mentally to take a trade.  A limitation prevents you from growing. Another important distinction in trading success and success in general is understanding the difference between aContinue Reading

Giving yourself a chance to become a successful trader.

From the archives I was just talking to another trader who was having trouble pulling the trigger.  Assuming you have taken the necessary steps; having the money to lose, having a plan, can maintain discipline, and willingness to learn about yourself, the market, and the relationship between the two.  The next step is to doContinue Reading

Three destructive habits every trader must avoid.

Three destructive habits that will kill your trading day, week, month, or career. Not having a plan. Get a plan, who cares if it is bad, start with something. You can build off of it and refine it. You have to be willing to spend the time to make the plan yours. You do notContinue Reading

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