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Why you need to develop your mental talent.

One part of mental talent is the ability to know yourself. Separating what is happening to you from what is happening and acting in an optimal manner. From an athletic perspective it is a way to overcome superior athletic ability. From a trading perspective, it makes it possible to compete with superior technology, better information,Continue Reading

Too invested to trade.

One of the worst parts of trading at CME is I got to see many traders on their last day. One of the best parts of trading at the CME is I got to see many traders on their last day. How they got to that point is all different. One of the three D’s,Continue Reading

Traders struggle

I was asked recently if I have ever struggled and it caught me off guard. I hope that when you read this blog that it isn’t read in the key of perfection. I struggle too. Not just with trading but many other things. This blog is to help a person. Sometimes that person is meContinue Reading

3 situations that make trading more emotional.

It is nearly impossible to take away emotions in trading. And I am not sure I would actually want to take all of them away. The problem is that too much of anything is a bad thing. Here are few reasons a trader might be too emotional. Can’t afford to lose. Losing the money youContinue Reading

Two essential things that are preventing you from recovering after a losing trade.

You are not a trader until you have come back from a brutal loss.  Here are two things that may prevent you from getting you back faster. An inability to put into perspective time and money. The day in long and your career is as long as you want it to be or do theContinue Reading

My go to analyst.

Even my niece is smart enough to know these are brutal times for analyst, she normally is very talkative. Markets will rotate but right now, a lot of faces being ripped off.  I am happy to be a trader. Peter Brandt perfectly explains the difference between an trader and an analyst.  Video with my niece,Continue Reading

Giving yourself a chance to become a successful trader.

I was just talking to another trader who was having trouble pulling the trigger.  Assuming you have taken the necessary steps; having the money to lose, having a plan, can maintain discipline, and willingness to continue education in yourself, the market, and the relationship between the two.  The next step is to do it, thoseContinue Reading

Admitting you are wrong.

Admitting when you are wrong does not necessarily make you a better person. It does make you a better trader. You can’t hid from your losses. The longer you have thoughts or feelings that are positive about an action that produces a negative result the harder it is to change that behavior. Said another way,Continue Reading

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