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Patience and “The Goal” Parable

I was talking to a mentor of mine, whom I will formally introduce soon.  He asked me to read something.  It was an adaptation of a parable about patience and the goal.  It went something like this: A guy goes to a trading mentor and says he has 3 days to learn to trade. Guy:Continue Reading

Three levels of trading success.

One of the big things that we teach our traders is the difference between a limit and a limitation.  A limit ensures you are in a good place mentally to take a trade.  A limitation prevents you from growing. Another important distinction in trading success and success in general is understanding the difference between aContinue Reading

Price determines greed.

Today is one of those days where I am seeing the market well but timing is slightly off.  It is a little harder for me to scratch a trade and work around a position, like yesterday.  Yesterday spoiled me a little. Lesson learned. One of the mistakes that traders make is they see the marketContinue Reading

Dangers of trading in small and distributed days.

There is danger in every type of market but nothing scares me quite like small and distributed days.  Here are the dangers as I see it: Boredom: I lose that sharpness.  Watching a market trade in a few dollar range is one of the more painful, energy sucking circumstances in trading.  It provides a very false senseContinue Reading

Getting what you think about and what if your target is hit.

There are many thoughts that pop into your head throughout the trading day. Some are good and some are bad.  One thing to remember is that they are all helpful and provide insight to your internal barometer. You get what you think about.   If you are always thinking about not losing you are going to haveContinue Reading

Every trader must believe in God.

Ok, not God but you have to have a believe in something you can’t always see, profits and progress. This is a big problem I see with traders.  Either they are new to trading or they have gotten beat up in the past.  They do not know what hard work is or how to notContinue Reading

Some more on entry timing.

Updated.  I got this question today. How do you personally get around from being “too early” or “too late” on an entry? There are a few things that have helped me get over missing a trade or “being right” and not making money. Opportunity vs profit. I thought the market owed me profits.  Now, I seeContinue Reading

Email: How much should I risk per trade?

From email: “I guess the short of it would be what % of capital should your average trade be? I understand theres so many variables that effect the answer to that question, but still am curious. I’m trading around 40k right now, and have only been trading live for a little over a month. MostContinue Reading

Risk/reward ratio is bullsh$t.

When people ask what is a good risk reward ratio, I think they ask for the wrong reasons.  Risk/reward is not about an expected outcome it is about trade selection or trade elimination. By only taking a trade with an X for 1 ratio you are eliminating trades.  By only taking these types of tradesContinue Reading

Video: Taking profits, trend vs range trading, holding out for targets and more.

Another Q & A in the books with E-mini Executors. We talk taking profits, minimum contract size for new traders, scaling, trading trend markets verses range bound markets, tips for holding out for your targets, and stocks verses futures. I say um about 30 times so the “um” drinking game is not recommended but ifContinue Reading

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