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Staring at your P/L is like staring into the Sun.

Hi, my name is Eli and I am recovering P/L watcher. I would watch others trade and they would be explaining something and I would miss it because, let’s face it, money is more interesting than how to earn it.  Once I had my own account, I would be watching my P/L move and notContinue Reading

6 steps to becoming a financial guru.

Steps to becoming a financial guru. The obvious first step is to actually write it in your bio. “I am a financial guru”. The bio adheres to the same rules as the internet, if it is in the bio it is true. Always appear to be right.  In order to be right you have toContinue Reading

Dealing with entry timing.

I got this question today. How do you personally get around from being “too early” or “too late” on an entry? There are a few things that have helped me get over missing a trade or “being right” and not making money. Opportunity vs profit. I thought the market owed me profits.  Now, I seeContinue Reading

What the market promises us, a reminder.

This is not going to endure me to my fellow traders but I think it is important that we all are reminded what the market promises us. My twitter and RSS feed is blowing up with a disturbing number of comment and posts about the market being broken. Market Promises: It promises a playing field,Continue Reading

Trading Tip Daily- Being right and making money are not the same thing.

Being right and making money are not the same thing. A disclaimer, I love helping people and especially new traders because I was helped. I am also an entrepreneur and my trading education was expensive so I can’t give it all away so this post does contain ambiguity. If you liked something, hated something orContinue Reading

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