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Losses: Understanding value versus cost.

In a Bronx Tale, after C loans $20 to a guy who wont pay and he does not even like, Sonny explains that for $20 he never has to see him again. Louie! My grandmother’s sick. I’ll talk to you later, I gotta go do something. Where’s my f*cking money?  You’re fucking dead when I catch you,Continue Reading

Defeating Stockblockers

This post originally appeared Nov. 2010 and is still true.  I am not trying to add insult to injury here just a reminder that the loudest people are not always right.  Joshua Brown, from thereformedbroker.com, wrote an article about stockblockers. Below he illustrates the dangers of stockblockers: Don’t let the ill-informed, click-obsessed bloggers keep you on the sidelines withContinue Reading

Misplaced focus.

One of my best friends from high school thought he was Deion Sanders.  After playing football together for many years our list of pre-game superstitious and rituals were lengthy.  It was a production. Finally a coach stepped in and the madness came to an end.  Habits can form for little or no reason but end for aContinue Reading

Giving yourself a chance to become a successful trader.

From the archives I was just talking to another trader who was having trouble pulling the trigger.  Assuming you have taken the necessary steps; having the money to lose, having a plan, can maintain discipline, and willingness to learn about yourself, the market, and the relationship between the two.  The next step is to doContinue Reading

The worst thing that can happen to a trader….

There are obviously things that are more important than money.  Family, friends, your health, your dog, maybe even your cat (that is pushing it).  But the worst thing a trader can do is forget their objective, to take what the market gives you in money and learning.  In other words, make money today or tomorrow.Continue Reading

Flipping a position vs flipping a thesis.

We have all been stopped out and then flip (reverse) our position only to get stopped out again. Two things help me.  One I need to separate myself immediately.  If I am not at my screens I can’t trade.  No one likes to get stopped out and that most certainly changes the way I viewContinue Reading

Thoughts on trading plans.

When I speak about the need for a trading plan it is not because I got it right the first time. I did not have a plan I just did it.  I was told I needed a plan but at that point in my life I was always the exception.  I lost time and moneyContinue Reading

Email: How much should I risk per trade?

From email: “I guess the short of it would be what % of capital should your average trade be? I understand theres so many variables that effect the answer to that question, but still am curious. I’m trading around 40k right now, and have only been trading live for a little over a month. MostContinue Reading

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