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Resting orders, trading plans, and intuition/fear signal crossing.

This originally appeared Dec 2010, updated below.  I had a nice email exchange over the past week. Originally we had talked about pulling the trigger, I asked him to send me his trading plan. In addition he asked me my opinion on resting orders. A plan is only as effective as your ability to exceptContinue Reading

Don’t be a plan fu*ker.

I am big fan of Mark Suster, he is an Entrepreneur turned VC, and writes at Bothsidesofthetable.com.  One of my favorite posts is Don’t be a Grin Fucker.  A grin fu*ker is someone whom you offer advice to and smiles and shakes your hand and does the exact opposite. This is something we all struggleContinue Reading

Market Participant Hierarchy of Fears

How does yours differ?  How would you change it? We would really appreciate your feedback, if you like, hate, or think we are full of crap. Please leave a comment, a voice mail (312) 725-9121 , email info @ traderhabits (dot) com or twitter, stocktwits, youtube and facebook. Subscribe to Traderhabits by email or to newsletter.Continue Reading

Good or bad, it does not last forever.

Originally appeared in October 2011. If you have read the blog for awhile you know the story about the first day I sat down at my own machine.  I was placing a few trades a week though a friend with success.  It was limited to whether I found a good setup and he was in aContinue Reading

Distribution of Financial Information

Howard Lindzon came out with a post this weekend, I Would Like to Hire a Few Lobbyists…and Thanks Stevie Cohen for This Tipping Point in Securities Law Reform!. There is definitely a sarcastic/sad tone to the article.  The people have always moved faster than the ability of regulators to catch up.  They are still working on socialContinue Reading


Jeff Miller of Dash of Insight wrote a brilliant post on common research mistakes. It can be found here. He breaks it down into two things:  Selecting the Right Data and Comparison. Selecting the Right Data.  As the saying goes, if you torture the data for long enough it will tell you anything.  There is so muchContinue Reading

Looking before you cross.

I do not know what it is lately but it seems like I see a person risk their life or limb crossing a street or just run into people almost everyday. The first thing I wonder is what is so important that they would risk being injured.  Is there time that important?  If so, whyContinue Reading

Email: What is the most I should lose in a day?

This is a pretty common question.  Most people want a clear and simple equation.  But there isn’t one.  This is something that you need to answer for yourself.  Answering the following questions should help clear it up: What am I capable of making in a day? On your up days if you are making netContinue Reading

Turning your brain into foie gras.

As I type this in front of my 6 screens, down from 10, I go back to the question I was asked when I showed a friend my office. “Do you really need that many screens?”  I explained I needed 4 for trading and wanted 2 for internet. Going further I explained how I usedContinue Reading

A story of entrepreneurship and community.

Updated:  Has not raised about $120k in 13 hours. I have taken some time away from the blog, if you even noticed.  But the blog father has summoned me.  Seth Godin  launched a kickstarter at 5:07 AM ET today and as of 11:30 AM ET he has raised $97,000, $57,000 more than the goal. IContinue Reading

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